Who is BassnMan?

BassnMan Hi, I'm Mike, aka BassnMan. I've been fishing ALL of my life. Yep, it's true I really do hear voices telling me to "Go Fishing" ... I generally tend to "Tartet" big bass, which does produce fewer bites but much larger bass. to date I have caught, weighed and released over 100 bass that have weighed over 10 pounds ...Continue Reading

Fishing With Kids

Josh with CrawdadYou build lasting moments when fishing with kids. Some of my fondest memories are of me fishing with my dad. Just being outdoors with him, enjoying nature and catching fish. There are a few things to always remember when fishing with kids: First and foremost, as a general rule kids have a pretty short attention span; If the fish aren’t biting or if the they are not casting and reeling, Continue Reading

Fishing with Ryan Newman

Ryan Newman On Saturday April 23, 2003 I had the honor of taking the 2002 NASCAR Winston Cup Raybesto’s Rookie of the Year, driver of the Number 12 All-Tel, Ford at the time, Ryan “Rocket Man” Newman out for a day of bass fishing on Lake Perris the day before his race at the California Speedway. I also took his crew chief ...Continue Reading

Fishing Gear

KLX copy3

Kistler KLX Review, Part 2

 OK, I took my new KLX out for a day of fishing and as promised, here’s my review. First off, a little statement from Kistler, then my review “Kistler Custom Fishing Rods announces a collaborative effort with North Fork Composites LLC and its master rod blank legend Gary Loomis. The all-new KLX offers avid anglers […]

Fishing Tips

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Personal Best Aqueduct Striper

I decided to make a run down to the CA Aqueduct today and meet up with a couple friends. Armed with my Kistler Rods KLX with Shimano Chronarch spooled up with 15 lb Seaguar AbrazX and Savage Gear USA Sandeel Swimbait, gotta love the way it looks like the Silversides, we beat the water to […]

Tips and Techniques


Out with the old ways of handling deep hooked bass by Rick Lawrence

Another interesting article by my buddy Rick Lawrence AKA the Fish-N-Fool, Thanks again buddy! Too many anglers have been told for years that the best way to handle a deep hooked bass was to cut the line at the hook eye and let it rust out. I have for about the last 20 years never […]

The “ZEN” Zone

My Weight Loss Journey, Part 2

As most of you already know, back in January 2013 I started a new chapter in my life, to be healthier and be able to actually enjoy my life instead of just living it. Back in October 2013 I posted my original story and here it is about 6 months later so I figured it […]


Fishing Advice

Sunglasses, which ones are right for me?

That’s a question that I’m sure each and everyone of has asked more than once. With all the choices it can all be very confusing so I will attempt to break it down some, at least from my personal experiences. Before I go any further let me say that in my opinion, there is no […]